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Hi! I’m Mike Nuckols and I’m running for Haddonfield Board of Education. I’m a long-time resident of Haddonfield whose kids have gone through the district from K-12. This is our home and we're planning to stick around for the long haul. I'm running because I love the education that Haddonfield provides. My kids have benefited greatly from it and I want to give back.

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My Position on Key Issues

Building on the Bancroft Property 


This is a HUGE opportunity for our community. It’s our chance to set Haddonfield schools up to excel for the next decade. But to get it right, we need the entire community engaged. 


If we don’t act, we’re eventually going to have classes taught in trailers and dozens of kids told they can’t participate in sports. And that’s the last thing we want. 


I’d like everyone to feel invested in the direction we choose – and together we move forward as one Haddonfield.

Banning Books and Censoring Curriculum 


I’m in favor of a diverse curriculum that presents a range of views and perspectives. I’m also in favor of treating our teachers like the professionals they are and trusting them to lead the vibrant discussions that have produced a district that is among the best in the nation.

My kids have benefitted from an amazing Haddonfield education and I’m fighting to keep the quality of our curriculum from being compromised for the next generation of kids.

The increase in HIB incidents 


HIB (Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying) has spiked dramatically since we’ve returned from remote learning. This needs to be the top priority of our administrators.


I will give it my full attention to ensure that Haddonfield schools are a model of inclusivity. We need to come together and build a school system which recognizes that all of our students are worthy of acceptance, worthy of empathy, and worthy of an outstanding education.

What I Stand For


Haddonfield produces an elite level of education and I’d like to help continue that tradition. But that takes hard work from your board members – and that’s what I’m all about. We need board members who are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the important work for our schools.


Our school board is doing amazing work, but that message is getting diluted by social media, by rumors, and even by some blatant disinformation being fed to our community. As a skilled communications professional, I’d like to help make sure the community is hearing from the board and the board is hearing from the community. Together we can tune out the noise and move forward as one Haddonfield.


Haddonfield parents are not looking for controversy when their kids’ education is at stake. They want talented teachers, vibrant classrooms, and continued excellence. You can count on me to listen, to collaborate, and to always engage in the important dialogue that is necessary to finding the best path forward.


About Me

I’m Mike Nuckols. I’m an award-winning writer and I’ve worked in marketing and communications for over 25 years. I love digging into complex issues, hearing different points of view, and above all, getting things done.


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If you have any advice or questions or just want to talk about the issues, please reach out. 

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